Water Ring Type Rotary Machines

This requires technical expertise, industrial knowledge, advanced machineries to generate the equipments and skilled resources to execute the operations to produce quality equipments. They are simple and trouble free in operation. Two stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump / Oil Sealed Type Vacuum Pump are offered as primary pump. The ring fluid acts as seal and it also absorbs the heat generated during compression. These are Used in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical and lighting, oil refining, coating, degassing, distillation, space simulation – chambers, vacuum drying, electron beam welding, etc.Industrial Equipments are highly demanded in Local and International Market along with Industrial growth. They are good at handling moist air as well as aggressive gases provided the material of construction is properly selected. Water ring vacuum pump or compressors are absolutely free from oil and there is no risk of contamination to the medium passing through it.

Twin Lobe Rotary Compressors or Exhausters are also known as Roots Blower or Roots Vacuum Pump. However they can also function as compressors in specific cases. These are High volume-low pressure positive displacement (PD) compressors operate on differential pressure and constant volume characteristics. Indian Companies are having master command on production of quality and quantity industrial products for Air equipments like twin lobe roots blowers, roots vacuum pump, vacuum boosters etc. The booster handles large volume of gas at relatively very low power consumption, because the construction of Booster ensures contact free rotation of two lobes; maintaining very close clearance. The conveyance is free from oil.

The two main methods involved are either pressure or vacuum conveying. They enable operation between 10 Torr to 10-3 Torr.
Water Ring Type Rotary Machines are principally used as vacuum pumps. The systems are designed for specific applications like conveying of cement in cement plants; conveying of grains, sugars in food, sugar & confectionery industries; conveying of sensitive bulk drug powders in pharmaceutical industries, etc. Twin Lobe Roots Blowers & Exhausters are available in 14 air-cooled and 7 water-cooled models in market. Mechanical Vacuum Boosters are available in both water-cooled and air cooled executions. Depending on gases to be handled, different fluids can be used for sealing instead screw microsprayer Factory of water. The Pneumatic Conveying System is the most versatile and speedy method of transferring bulk material from one point to another within a defined area. Gases containing dust can also be handled without problem. Here are the details of few equipments profile and industrial applications.

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